Designing and planning sustainable infrastructure by using innovative methods and tools is our primary goal

Design Team

Team of professionals engineers, planners and scientists specializing in civil and software engineering


Evaluation of impacts on sustainability through the life cycle of the project is a mandatory process


Using holistic sustainability assessment results for efficient infrastructure design and planning



We are a multidisciplinary team of engineers, consultants and scientists who are passionate about
integrating engineering methods with technology to provide innovative solutions related to everyday challenges 


Practice & Research

Aeforia team members provide the highest level of services on engineering design and planning by integrating existing methods with research results and technological advances. 
Sustainable transportation
The substantial impacts of transportation on environment, society and economy strongly urge the incorporation of
sustainability into transportation planning and engineering. Technological solutions and policies that work in a synergistic way have the potential to enhance transportation sustainability in the short as well in the long term.
Life cycle impacts
New design techniques and sustainability
Technology and innovation


Engineering and Design

Engineering design for transportation, hydraulic and environmental solutions


Engineering planning by incorporating life cycle analysis as an innovative tool

Building Services

Structural design and energy audits for buildings

Software Analytics

Developing computer algorithms to transform data into intelligent actions





Book chapter

Book chapter

Conventional, Battery-Powered, and Other Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Sustainability Assessment Read More
Road Safety Improvement Project (Laconia)

Road Safety Improvement Project (Laconia)

Improving road safety on the road network of Laconia prefecture - Peloponnese region.  Read More
Road Safety Improvement Project (Attiki)

Road Safety Improvement Project (Attiki)

Improving road safety on the southeast road network of Attica prefecture – Attica region Read More
Sustainability assessment in transportation planning

Sustainability assessment in transportation planning

Incorporating sustainability assessment in transportation planning: an urban transportation vehicle-based approach  Read More
Life cycle emissions and cost model

Life cycle emissions and cost model

Life cycle emissions and cost model for urban light duty vehicles.  The growth of vehicle sales and use internationally requires Read More
The Rise of Cloud Brokerage

The Rise of Cloud Brokerage

The Rise of Cloud Brokerage: Business Model, Profit Making and Cost Savings Read More
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Provide the highest level of services by using smart approaches and solutions that combine 
engineering thinking, computing power and innovative methodologies, and respecting our planet Earth.   

When planning for sustianable transportation, different vehicle technology characteristics need to be considered; including operating limitations (e.g., range), supporting infrastructure (e.g., electric charging points, swap battery stations), and environmental impacts (e.g., renewable energy sources for electricity, rare-earth materials in batteries). A paradigm shift changes the way we think about transportation problems and solutions.
Our design team consists of surveyors, civil engineers, cost engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineers, fire protection engineers, planning consultants, architectural consultants, software developers and archaeological consultants.

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Who We Are?

A formal design team that provides innovative engineering solutions.

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