Our passion for designing, studying and improving facilities for people in the most sustainable manner has led to the formation of an interdisciplinary team of professionals and scientists - Aeforia. 

As demand for green and sustainable design increases daily due to lack of natural resources, including wood and water, and the generation of vast amounts of emissions and energy consumption from concrete production, the need to rethink and redesign our infrastructure becomes essential. Aeforia team members provide customers with design solutions for projects that are creative, innovative, aesthetic and functional by implementing technologies for sustainable buildings.

Structure and construction cool facts

Concrete and steel


Reinforced concrete is the only building material that is highly resistant to both water and fire


Concrete was used as a building material in ancient Rome (including Pantheon); they mixed lime, water and volcanic ash


The world’s largest concrete structure is in China; the Three Gorges Dam on China’s 


About 6 billion cubic meters of concrete is made each year, which equals one cubic meter for every person on Earth.


  • New facility design
  • Renovation and remodeling design
  • Building earthquake design
  • Sustainable design
  • Fire suppression system design
  • Energy efficiency certificates
  • Arrangement of arbitrary construction
  • Construction cost estimating
  • Construction monitoring
  • Addition of new floors atop of old buildings

  • Seismic retrofitting 
  • Reinforcement corrosion check
  • Construction management
  • Building drainage design
  • Surveying 

Structural Engineering Projects


 Projects on structural engineering that Aeforia members have participated in and successfully completed.

Structural engineering
  1. Drainage system design for a reinforced concrete runway in Mytilene International Airport “Odysseas Elytis”. Greece 2005-2006. Ministry for the Environment Physical Planning and Public Works. Efpalinos Consultant Engineers
  2. More to follow....

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Who We Are?

A formal design team that provides innovative engineering solutions.

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